Dakshini Executive Committee (2013 - 2015)

The new Executive Committee 2013-2015 has taken responsibility on April 14, 2013.

Mr. Arnab Chatterjee
Role: President
Phone: (310)-497-8050
Email: president@dakshini.org

Mr. Siddhartha Dattagupta
Role: Vice President
Phone: (714) 734-8315
Email: vp@dakshini.org

Mrs. Sharmila Dasgupta
Role: Secretary
Phone: (310) 618-9780
Email: secretary@dakshini.org

Mr. Bidhan Ray
Role: Treasurer
Phone: (714) 483-0853
Email: treasurer@dakshini.org

Mr. Kaushik Biswas
Role: Member
Phone: (626) 441-0189
Email: ec2@dakshini.org

Mrs. Nibedita Laha
Role: Member
Phone: (310) 530-5992
Email: ec3@dakshini.org

Ms. Sampurna Dube
Role: Member
Phone: (562) 925-8287
Email: ec4@dakshini.org

Mr. Sourav Roy
Role: Member
Phone: (626) 628-5634
Email: ec5@dakshini.org

If you have any questions and comments then please send an email to info@dakshini.org.

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