Message from Dakshini Picnic Committee

Dakshini Events: It means lot to us in the Community!

More than likely most of us would call this place our home, now and for the rest of our lives. This is our community that shelters us from th he loneliness of a distant land. These are our friends that we meet, chat, call, email, fight and love. This is the sanctuary where our kids cherish their root, ethnic identity, culture and spiritual heritage. These are faces that we see at almost every other weddiing, annaprasan and graduation. When this community means so much to us, let us have pure fun and share our good times with this community, more annd more often. Thank you all for your spontaneous participation at Dakshini Annual Pic cnic 2010! Let us stay engaged and volunteer to have more during Picnic 2011.

Shubharoop and Sweta Ghosh
Abhisek and Arundhuti Ghosal
Dhruba and Saswati Bhattacharya
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