Message from Planning Committee Lead Mr. Robin Podder

Dakshini Planning Committee

The planning committee was formed in June 2010 to identify and formulate key initiatives on short term and long te erm strategies for expanding out community out reach, and I was selected to lead th he committee.

In the past one year, the commiittee met and identified potential strategies as (a) Find mechanisms to get as many as possible families inv volved in Dakshini programs, e.g., 100 families involv ved within a year or so. (b) Formulate a plan for a year-round series of events for the community. (c) Compile a list of potentially available resources to asssist Dakshini in all its efforts, and, (d) Establish a ‘Viirtual’ community assistance center.

To move the strategies to the next step, the initiatives recommended to the EC were (1) Revamp Dakshini Website, establish a regular link wit th the community in the form of a newsletter: this monthly informative letter to be included in Dakshini’s web site and announced to all community members; add “broadcast link” to the web site and operate the link similar to a community Facebook; publish a community calendar in the Dakshin web site; (2) Design a year-round series of “events” to be organized by Dakshini every two months or so - All events must be financially self-sustained. (3) Identify the list of “resources” in the community; and start an effort to get them involved. We are glad to see that two of the three initiatives recommended have already been implemented. My sincere thanks to the Planning Committee members who volunteered to get together for this much needed initiative.

I look forward to the Dakshini members and friends to engage themselves with the Planning Committee in generating new ideas for betterment of Dakshini so that Dakshini can become full fledged Community Organization.

Robin Podder

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