How it all started

Dakshini Cultural Center

Amid much jubilation of members present, Dakshini Community Center was inaugurated on July 31, 2010 by Mr. Robin Podder. The new EC members were introduced, along with Vote of Thanks to the outgoing Executive Committee and 2010 Dakshini General Elections Commissioners.

Dr Sarnath Chattaraj (President) presented “Vision 2010”, the strategy supporting the “Community First” initiative. Emphasis was made to revitalize the “Dakshini Brand”. Presentations are posted on Dakshini website.

Nibedita Laha (EC Member) spoke about upcoming activities at the Community Center and requested volunteers. Various speakers from the community will be invited to speak in the future.

Reshmi Ghosh Choudhuri (Secretary) spoke about Dakshini Website ( re-design plans & integration of the Virtual Community Center with the website.

Dakshini Bangla School was inaugurated by Smt. Jayanti Nayek (Masima) – Smt. Nayek is the new Principal of the school and started working with Rajasri Chakraborty (EC Member) for overall administration. Dr. Rupa De was the teacher for the first day at school.

Dakshini Bengali Library was inaugurated by Mr. Amarendra Banerjee – Mr Banerjee became the first librarian of Dakshini Bengali Library.

Next Phase: Dakshini Cultural Center

In the Annual Plan 2011-2012, Dakshini Executive Committee decided to expand the scope of the Dakshini Physical Center, and bring lot of other Community Initiatives under one umbrella. Dakshini Cultural Center (DCC) became an umbrella organization for Dakshini Bengali School and Performing arts. It intends to provide a platform to all Community Members and Friends to extend learning in Bengali Culture and showcase their talents in the community in Southern California and across North America. The formation of DCC is in time to showcase their first productions in Durga Puja 2011, some of which are:

Bengali Drama
- Coordinated by Dulal Goswami, in association with drama enthusiasts from all parts of Southern California.
Key Contacts for Bengali Drama
Dulal Goswami (Ph. 714-563-3574)

Musical ensemble
- Presented by our kids under the able guidance of our teachers Rajasri Chakraborty, Jayanti Nayak & Tuhinkana Das.
Key Contacts for Musical ensemble
Rajasri Chakraborty (Ph.424-206-1000)

Fusion Dance “Chitrangoda” - Directed by Payel Biswas, coordinated by Rajasri Chakraborty.

Key Contacts for Chitrangoda
Rajasri Chakraborty (Ph.424-206-1000)

Nrityanatyo “Tasher Desh” - Directed by Reshmi Ghosh Choudhuri.

Key Contacts for Tasher Desh
Reshmi Ghosh Choudhuri (Ph. 310-545-8262)

Indian Classical Instrumental & Vocal Ensemble
- Directed by Suman Laha, coordinated by Nibedita Laha.
Key Contacts for Instrumental / Vocal Ensemble
Nibedita Laha (Ph. 310-530-5992)

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