Dakshini Youth Leadership Council

Team Dakshini wants our youth to get involved and gain experience in our community organization leadership. Also, we would love for them to expand their knowledge and skills! We are proud to announce Dakshini Youth Council (DYLC)! We are soliciting youth (middle and high schooler) who are interested to volunteer and lead in the following areas of interest such as:

- Academic fairs and initiatives
- Philanthropy - (participation with various LA/OC charities)
- Up and about activities - (participation in hiking, cycling and other active lifestyles)
- Dakshini Events

Applicant must be a middle or high school student and Dakshini affiliated.

We will formalize committees of the Youth Council based on responses and interest areas.

We hope the future of tomorrow will come forward to this new endeavor.

This volunteer opportunity for the youth will definitely be something to mention on college applications!

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