Election Commission Notification 2017-19

The Dakshini Executive Committee would like to announce the formation of the Election Commission per existing by-laws to oversee the nomination process and subsequent due process for selection of the next Executive Committee for the term 2017-2019.

The Board of Advisors (BOA) has advised us to this effect and the following 3 member team has been nominated by the Executive Committee.

Sharmila Dasgupta - Election Commissioner

Sankar Das - Election Commission member

Kaushik Sarkar - Election Commission member

Sajal Dabnath and Dr Sarnath Chattaraj, member of BOA, has graciously accepted our request to represent the BOA to the Election Commission in advisory and consultation capacity if and when required.

The Dakshini Executive Committee is entrusting full Responsibility, Accountability, and Authority to the Election Commission to execute the process according to by laws for the next committee formation. Future emails on this topic will be sent per advice of the Election Commission. The term for the next committee will start on 04/16/2017 and last for 2 years.

We also thank the BOA for kick starting the facilitation process and encouraging members to serve in the committee.

The submission deadline for the nomination form, available on the Dakshini website www.dakshini.org, will be November 30, 2016. Please mail it to: Dakshini Bengali Association P.O. Box 14385 Torrance, CA 90503.


Dakshini Executive Committee

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